November 18

We are certainly getting up early so far, maybe we are still adjusting to Hawaii time, maybe cause we are early to bed.  I came downstairs at 5:45.  Doris and Diane were already having their second cups of coffee.

Kathy and I went for a walk after breakfast.


The grounds are well cared for, there is a crew of gardeners here every day.


We walked along the Kings trail toward the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel.


They were just getting started on these houses last year at this time.  Progress has been slow.


This a year ago.



We carried on to the hotel and saw the fish in the entrance.  They are always excited to see someone walk by.


In the atrium there are more pools with fish and turtles in them.

The hotel grounds are lovely.



Kathy couldn’t resist trying a hammock on the beach.


We carried on passed the fish ponds and Beach Club and back home.

Nice hour long walk.

After lunch it was off to the beach.  The ladies were dropped off at the north end of the resort area for a walk along the shore through the two hotels, passed the snorkelling beach and back home.

Fred and I went for a walk to the petroglyph park.


This trail is through a very dry area, it i8s amazing the plants can eke out an existence.  The trees are a kind of acacia closely related to koa, a gorgeous looking local wood.  This is a trunk that was recently cut.



Most of the petroglyphs are on an uncommon type of lava; it is easy to see that it would lend itself to being carved.  The petroglyphs are over 1000 years old and no one is sure what they mean.


The ladies made it back to the beach club where they stopped for a drink and asked for a ride back.  They had a good walk and some success shopping-wise.  A new hat looked very nice.dsc_0019

This is a Kolea, a kind of plover,  they are pretty common on the grass off the lanai, I think hunting for bugs.

We are eating in this evening burgers and tuna are on the menu.

Nice evening here, the sun setting on Mauna Kea looked pretty nice.


Dinner was great and we had an interesting visitor come around because a light was on the lanai.


I think this is the biggest moth most of us had seen.  We’ll check to see if it’s there in the morning.


November 19

I didn’t have my camera with me in the water yesterday and I saw something I hadn’t seen before in the dozens of times snorkelling here.  I found this picture of one.  It is a Crown of Thornes starfish.  They eat coral and have been in the news as having caused lots of damage to coral reefs

Another early start for some of us this Saturday.  Around 8:00 we headed off for a drive to Waimea to visit a farmers’ market.






This scruffy little guy must have had a hard morning getting ready for the market.


After a few minutes of buying some produce we headed across the street, where the ladies found this cute guy.


One of Kathy’s go to stores is here so it meant a stop here for a few minutes.


Back across the street for a bit of grocery shopping and a look at the Parker Ranch store.


Here’s Fred looking at some of the history of the ranch.

We left Waimea and headed to the coast to Kawaihae where we thought we’d stop for lunch.  Unfortunately the place was closed so instead we went to the macadamia nut factory to have some samples and maybe by a few nuts.




Back home for lunch, a good morning!  It really does make a difference getting an early start.

Nov. 20 Part 1

I have a few more pictures from yesterday afternoon.  I went for a walk down to the beach club, then along the fisherman’s trail to the Black Sand beach then back home.  The beach was busy at 3:00.  The nice houses along the waterfront were all empty once again.






We had a visit with Sandra and Jon, who Kathy found out were staying quite close to us.


Nov. 20 Part 2

This was a day where we did more of our own thing than the first few days.  I went for a long walk after breakfast.  Kathy walked done for a swim.  We’ve realized it doesn’t really take too long to walk to the beach so we may do that more often rather than driving every time.  I got back after two hours, no one else was here.  Kathy got back around 10:30. The others had walked done to the beach as well and they gat back around noon.

Kathy has booked a sunset cruise for us on the Winona, the boat that is moored at the beach club.  We plan on walking down, partly so no one has to drive home.  Drinks and pupus are included.

The upstairs lanai has a couple of comfy looking loungers that we tested out for a few minutes.


I might post some more pictures later, depending on how the drinks and pupus are.


We walked down to the beach aroUnd 3:00 amd waited until the rest of the passengers arrived.


The boat is moored in the bay where we snorkel, it is a 50 ft catamaran called the Winona.  Here are some pictures from Kathy’s camera.













There were 11 passengers on the boat, good service with two crew looking after us besides the captain who ran the boat.  We got back in around 6:00 and had a short walk back home for dinner.



Nov. 21

Everyone was up early, there has been no one sleeping in at all so far.  After breakfast Doris, Diana and Fred set off for Volcano National Park with Doris doing the driving. They are going via Saddle Rd which will take them to Hilo on the way.  They expect a long day as it is about a 3 hour drive each way.

Kathy, Diane and I set out for Kaholo Bay, which we get to by walking about 20 min from the highway starting just passed Waikoloa.


Very dry at the start of the walk but it gets a little greener the nearer we are to the shore.

We were lucky to come across several groups of wild goats.  They are pretty timid but we were. Close enough to get a few pictures.


One group had about 15 goats in it.




There are a couple of interesting houses along the beach here.  Both are off their grid although there is a rough road to them.


We spent quite a bit of time watching turtles.  There were a lot of them all along the beach anywhere there were rocks.




If we looked closely we could see them in the waves.


We carried on to Kona for a little bit of shopping then drove the scenic route to Waikoloa Village for lunch at a little Mexican place we like.

. . .

Nov. 22

Another glorious looking morning here.  This was taken around 7:30.  We are finishing breakfast and deciding what to do today.



The group decided that we would go snorkeling first then come back for lunch. I took everyone to a different beach, one called 69 Beach, about a 10 minute drive.  Lots of fish to be seen, very close to the shore.










After a good time in the water we sat and lay in the sun to dry off.



Kathy got a new bathing suit yesterday and looked pretty spiffy in it.  Neil Young recently sold the place on the point in the background, a very nice location.  Most of my fish pictures were taken about 30 feet from where we are standing.

More pictures to come as we plan to go fo0r a walk around the Hilton Hotel grounds then go to a nearby place for dinner.


Nov. 22 Part 2

We had a good walk around the Hilton, it is an impressive place in an over the top sense.

We had a good photo op at the Buddha on the point.


This always reminds us of my Dad.


We stopped and watched the people having fun in the dolphin pool.



The dolphin had been trained to swim on its back and splash its tail when people clapped.

After our walk we went to a Japanese restaurant and had a lovely dinner.  Back home now it is a super clear night and it is very dark here so the night sky looks great; easy to see the Milky Way and lots of stars.  We are sitting out on the lanai having a glass of wine and beer.  It almost looks like we might make it to 9:00 before turning in.