Kathy’s Latest Garden Quilt

This new garden quilt will be going to Kelowna soon.


Successful Show at Mary Winspear

We enjoyed the S.P.A.C. Show at Mary Winspear in Sidney this past weekend, met lots of people and enjoyed the varied artwork entered in the show.

Our next show will be June 19 – 25 at the ArtSea Gallery at Tulsa Park in Sidney where we will have the 5th edition of “Fun With Fibre, Cloth and Wood.”  It will be daily from 10:00 – 4:00.

Maya, Brouwer, Heather Corbitt, Dale MacEwan, Kathy and I will once again have recent work for sale and be demonstrating each day.  We’ll have fresh cookies as well, courtesy of Kathy.

November 15

We left Victoria bright and early on the 14th, getting to the airport at 5:00 and barely making it on to our 6:00 flight.  There was an incredible lineup to get through security.  The rest of the trip to Kona went well, we arrived at our hotel in Kona around 5:00.p1000099

Here’s Kathy in the hotel lobby as we were checking in.  It was about 85 degrees.  We went to Don the Beachcomber’s bar in the hotel for a couple of drinks and watched the sunset.


After a short walk we went to bed early and fell asleep immediately.

Tuesday morning we walked down the street to a place for breakfast.  It was on the main drag, Ali’i Drive, and we were able to watch the day get going in this very touristy part of town.


This looks out to the West and we could see the full moon in the morning sky.

We checked out after doing some walking and visited a few places in town before going to lunch then Safeway for some groceries for the first couple of days at the golf villa.

We arrived at the golf villa at around 3:30.  It is about a 40 minute drive north of Kona.

This is the entrance to our unit.  It is on the end of the building which has 5, 3 bedroom units.


Here are some more pictures.  This one just inside the door.


This is the living room


The kitchen


Dining room


Another shot of the living room.  You can see the stairs in the background.  There is a bathroom downstairs as well.


This a part of the downstairs lanai, it has seating for six and a nice barbecue.


Here is another shot of the downstairs lanai.


The downstairstairs bedroom has twin beds.  This is the twins’ bedroom.


One upstairs bedroom had a queen bed and an ensuite.


The master bedroom has a king and an ensuite


There is a little lanai off the master bedroom.


It looks like we will enjoy the townhouse!

It’s about 5:15 now, happy hour is underway, Doris and Diana shopuld be here soon, Fred and Diane will be here around midnight.

November 16

Fred and Diane arrived here a little after midnight and after sitting around catching up we were all ready for a good night’s sleep.

After breakfast we headed down to the beach.  Luckily, we were given a Sedona minivan that all 6 of us could fit into.

I think everyone put on some sunscreen, hopefully reef friendly.


At this time of the day there weren’t too many people on the beach.  We spent a couple hours in the water and stretched out in the sun.

The water was a little murky but nice and warm.

The ladies walked over to the Wednesday garden market at Waikoloa, about a 40 minute walk.

Fred and I sat on the lanai watching a large bird in the tree by the lanai.  We determined it was an immature Black-crowned night heron.  They get to be about 64 cm tall with a wingspan of about a meter.

We drove over to the shopping area and had lunch at the Three Fat Pigs restaurant in Waikoloa.

The ladies continued with some shopping; patience was exercised.


Christmas decorations were evident.  Seems pretty early as American Thanksgiving isn’t for a week or so.


Over stop at the Mauna Lani shops and we headed home; the start of Happy Hour.  We are heading over to the pool for a few minutes.  More to come . . .

November 17

Great looking day here, a NE wind has blown any clouds away and it is going to be a sunny and hot day.   We can see Mauna Kea today, the little white things are the observatories at the summit.


We are each looking after our own breakfasts and lunches which has been working out really well.  There is lots of room in the kitchen area if several of us are in there at the same time.  It was very nice to come downstairs this morning to freshly made coffee.


We went down for a swim and snorkel this morning, and found it pretty windy and a bit wavey.  The water was nice and warm and we had no trouble getting in.  The lounge chairs are great for drying off and soaking up some rays.

After lunch we decided on a plan for the rest of the day. This involved some shopping which it was decided would be better to happen without Fred and Pete.


Here are the ladies ready to head to the Queen’s Shops at Waikoloa, about a five minute drive away.  They walked there yesterday.  Doris drove then Fred and I are going to meet them in about an hour.



We met on time and went for a short walk.


More seasonal decorations at the market.  The 6 of us walked up the road to the Marriot Hotel then down to the beach for some more pictures.


This is a pretty nice beach.


After a short walk along “A Bay” we stopped for a rest at Lava Lava.

Kathy is having a drink called a Dizzy Donkey, which she quite liked.


We stayed until Happy Hour, not really planned, but had a good time, one of those spontaneous things that work out.



Nice relaxing place.




A slight mix up meant I ended up with an extra Mai Tai, an unexpected bonus.  The ladies had to stop at a Macey’s Store so Fred and I headed back to the condo to make sue all the housework was done.

The days seem to go by pretty fast and it is a pretty early night for us.